mercredi 10 décembre 2014

PARIS Regarding the Just By Albert Camus Sarah, Océanne, Nathan and I went to the Theatre with other students from the Colbert College. The name of the theatre is “Le Carreaux Du Temple” and we saw the play “Regarding the Just” by Albert Camus. I found the play interesting but occasionally, parts of it were boring. The staging was original because it consisted of signs with revolutionary slogans. Before and after the play, students and professors met the actors of the play for a “questions/answers” and debated on several subjects such as politics, revolutions, terrorism. After that, Nathan and I, with the other pupils of the Colbert College went to a market to buy sandwiches, chips and sodas. Sarah and Océanne stayed at the theatre. When we went back to the place, we ate a copious dinner behind the offices. At the end of the play Nathan and I left the theatre and Sarah and Oceanne stayed for the second part of “questions/answers”. Summary of the play: The Justs are a group of revolutionaries plotting to assassinate the Grand Duke Serge, Uncle of the Tsar by an attempt with a bomb. The first attempt set up, Yanek Kaliayev is selected to throw the bomb on the Grand Duke’s carriage. Seeing his niece and nephew, he is paralyzed and refuses to throw the bomb. Stephan is disgusted and points out how many children died because of the Tsarist oppression. After that, Yanek prepares for his second attempt two days later and successfully kills the Duke. Yanek is caught out by the police and put in prison. The wife’s duke visits him and makes compromise: if he agrees to tell his companions names in exchange of his life of else he’ll be hanged in public. Dora, her lover knows Yanek has not betrayed them and the night of his execution she swears she’ll throw the next bomb and avenge Yanek. 

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