mardi 9 décembre 2014

Evening to the theater : 
Regarding The Just We arrived at the theater in 18:30, towards 19:00 we began to speak and to ask questions to the actors of the play, it lasted 30 minutes. The room play began has 20:00. This modern version is a resumption of the room play written by Albert Camus. Songs are quite based on the rock. Summary of the room play: In Moscow, in February, 1905, a group of socialist revolutionaries decided of murdered on the Grand Duke Serge. For it, They decide to throw a grenade on this one while goes to the theater. Boria the leader of the Resistance decides to entrust this task to Yanek, who misses his blow, because the evening when he had to pass has the act the nephews of the Grand-Duke were with their uncle. He managed to kill him another evening a few days later. After it, he is arrested and questioned by an inspector andthe Duchess (the wife of the Grand-Duke) He will be executed for murder, such was are wishes. He companions were sad to have lost him but proud of him…

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