samedi 20 décembre 2014

From Paris : Katia's report

 Hello Chicago !

 The first picture is a graffiti wall next to Place Gambetta. The artists change regularly and it's always very original. Another graffiti wall on the side of Ménilmontant, next to the park.
We also photographed the Place de la Bastille and Place Gambetta. I love that area because there is a lot of entertainament: there are a cinema, many shops. The 5th picture is that of the streetcar .We also took pictures of the center of Paris.The 6th photo shows the view from the Pont des Arts where couples hang their padlocks with their initials, with the Seine. Then we took a picture of the Rue de Rivoli  because I love this neihgbourhood. We can find lots of clothing stores, shoes, jewelery and it is full of shops. there beside the City Hall and St. Paul, very beautiful district that I love too. The last picture is a metro station exit from the Louvre Rivoli, I find original and I like. we often see tourists pose in front.

Katia (2nd 9)

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