mercredi 22 avril 2015


                               EXHIBITION AT LA GAITÉ LYRIQUE: guided tour.

Report by Ethel and Kawtar (209)

On Wednesday April 8th, we went to the Gaité Lyrique, a cultural center specialized in IT with our pen pals from Chicago, the exhibition was about modern design and was called "Oracles du Design". Some of us found it very interesting. At the start of this  exhibition we saw pieces of furniture which   could speak, it was a little bit weird but cool. Some of it had original shapes. This exhibition was very short and then we walked to the Centre Georges  Pompidou to do some shopping for the American pen pals.
It was much fun and it also enabled us to get to know them better.


Heading to the Centre Georges Pompidou after the Gaité Lyrique exhibition

Friday April 10th 2015 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm
in the Colbert ball room

Thank you to all the French students who helped to prepare the party Emma, Leonardo, Celine, Faria, Fatoumata, who went to the grocery store with me (sorry if I forget some names ), to make the sandwiches, thank you to Madame Denise to lend her her kitchen to warm the plates. 

Report by Amadou Mathis and Nathan (202)

The best moment we had with our American pen pals was at the farewell party. We spent some time talking  with some of them, and occasionally we danced but mostly we laughed because practically no one could dance, we were dancing and there was a lot of food ; crips, cakes, juices and candies. 
After the parley we left the school and left for the Champs de Mars. Over there, there was the Eiffel Tower illuminated, it was beautiful. 

Report by Céline , Fofana, and Faria (207)

Before the party started, our American pen pals and some French students played hands games but when we put the music everybody stood up and danced. The American students dances very well and then we learned  to dance "wobble" with them. Everybody danced, our English teacher, Mrs Byrd too, it was a very good moment. They turned the music off and Dara gave a speech  to thank the parents who had them over. Our English teacher made a speech too. Then our pen pals  received gifts from us, their French pen pals. And  when we gave the presents the music started again and we continued to dance. There was some food (prepared by us too) and everybody ate. It was a delicious moment. The party was a very good moment !

Report by Alex (201), Daniel (203) and Félix (201)

During the party we had fun. We saw our American pen pals. As they were touring in Paris we did not know them very well but we danced and played with them, it was funny. They danced very well. When Jordan danced, it was fun !

Le moment des cadeaux pour nos correspondants

Let's party now ! 

Au revoir, à bientôt les amis ! 

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