dimanche 25 janvier 2015

 From Paris,  Kawtar, 209

Hi! This is Kawthar in the 209 class in Colbert, I hope you will  enjoy my photos and learn a little bit more about this beautiful city which is Paris.
   In first, I would show you a famous play where all teenagers come to get together and have fun, to do skateboard too and make the most of this beautiful place, "La place de la République". You can discover the big statue which represents an allegory of the Republic. There is a fountain all around it, and most people like tourists like taking picture in front of it. 

   Then, I went to the canal St Martin, this is also a place where  people like getting together, because you can sit by  the Seine, a typical symbol of Paris. I love sitting there just  to watch the "river" and admire all his beauty. I also took  a picture of a wall near the canal, I found it funny with Betty Boop on it. 
I went to the "Quai Valmy", the quay Valmy, this place is near to Colbert.

   Then I wanted to show you the famous  district of "Le quartier des Marais", a district really  chic and cool. we call it like that because it was an old area of marshes  in the XII century. now, it's a quarter known for its rich architecture particular of the "old Paris" its little streets. It's also recognized for its shops of great stylists and luxury brands , and for be the quarters of gays too. I also come to this quarter to look for a lot  of vintage clothes. You can also find really fun and interesting graffiti  in this quarter, it also became the quarter of arts with its numerous galleries since the opening of the museum of Picasso in 1985 then, the famous George Pompidou Center takes place in the district, with its hudge area when people like get together too and when we can find lots of artists.in my pictures  You can see  people queuing  up to visit this famous place of exhibitions and its Museum of Modern Art.

At the end, I liked to take pictures of Paris by nights, because I found this city so beautiful whith its illuminations for the celebrations of the end of the year. I hope you've enjoyed my little report of Paris, it is my city and   I love it, 


in my pictures 

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