mercredi 19 novembre 2014

FROM PARIS Hello King College Prep High School, How are you ?
We are the second Colbert group: 8 boys and 17 girls between 14 and 16 years old.
Some of us are missing in the photo:
from left to right (front row): Ethel, Kawtar, Lisa,  Emma, Faria,Céline, Hélène
     "             "      (In the back) :Siméon, Raoul, Léonardo, Axel, Louis-Victor, Fatoumata, Katia,Cindy.
Our "lycée" is in the 10th district of Paris with about 600 pupils. We are all in different classes, 207208 and 209 and we all live in different neighbourhoods.
We are glad to meet you. Our school is a public High school. What about you? How is your school ? And how is Chicago ?
We hope to hear from you soon, bye !

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