vendredi 14 novembre 2014

                                                 Hello Chicago !
 Paris November 14h 2014 1.30 pm
We are  one of the English classes of the 10th graders in Lycée Colbert (201,201,203).
 We received your letters, thanks! There are 22 pupils in our English group and our group is made of 3 different classes.
We are not the best in English but still we can say "hello !"
Our age group is between 15 and 16 years old. Most of us are in the picture but a few are missing.
Those who are in the picture (from left to right) are  (front row): Médine, Lanitha, Sarah, Rania, Hagar, Maxine, Océane, Maxime, Félix. At the back : Noël, Maïmouna, Nesrine, Léa, Mathis, Amadou, Daniel and Nathan. Silou is missing.
We hope to hear from you very soon and please send us a photo too !
A bientôt !

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