jeudi 11 février 2016

Hello Chicago !

Every Tuesday from 6.15 pm to 7.30 pm  at  the lycée  Colbert Club theater in English the students rehearse their play. Last Tuesday They voted for the title of the play and chose to name it in French Une Journée à Paris (thanks Maïmouna for the inspiration!). 
English is not that easy to memorize though ...

Here are (from left to right)  Hagar, Mathis and Maëva reciting a poem by Langston Hughes from The Big Sea.

Love is like the dew
 On lilacs at dawn;
Comes the swift sun
And the dew is gone.

Love is like star-light
In the sky at morn:
Star-light that dies
When day is born.

Love is like perfume
In the heart of a rose:
The flower withers,
The perfume goes-
Love is no more
Than the breath of a rose,
No more
Than the breath of a rose.

Langston Hughes

  Dear Alexandra Tomko  ( from the Drama Ties Company ) and Alexis Rojas  are the directors and co-directors. 

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