vendredi 12 juin 2015

Hello Chicago !

Gare de l'Est et le Canal St Martin,
 I would like to present you a part of Paris where I live- The Canal Saint-Martin, it's located north east near a park : le park Villemin.
It's a channel going from the north  suburb of Paris to the Bastille district : Port of Paris.
You can find lots of bars and restaurants all along. Young and cosmopolitan people live in this area and are called "bobo": 1st BO stands for "bourgeois"- middle class people, and 2nd BO stands for "bohême" (bohemian).
On Sunday no traffic is allowed neither it is in summer , Sundays and Saturdays.Only pedestrians, joggers, families, kids.Sometimes in summer boats sail all along.

On one bank, opposite where I live there is the Hôtel du Nord : North Hotel. It is a very famous hotel with a restaurant.
East of the channel you will find the Gare de l'Est and farther far south the "Place de La République".

Raoul Benmaklouf (2nd)

La Place de la République 

Le Canal Saint-Martin 

La Gare de L'Est 

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